Darrée is a storyteller who utilizes photography, performance art, and filmmaking to investigate the relationship between self and society.
Often using metaphors and abstract concepts to communicate gender inequality and the struggles of her bi-cultural identity, Darrée works to inform and engage her audience in meaningful discourse.

At the moment, Darrée is working on a series of the quotidian adventures of inanimate objects called inanimated. She is also writing a satirical web-series about an Asian American teenager who is thwarted from climbing the socioeconomic ladder by people she thought she could trust. 
After receiving a B.A. in Fine Art, Darrée taught English and visual art for almost 10 years. She is currently working towards an M.F.A. in filmmaking.

Curious about the name?

Look no further!

Darree is a poorly Romanized interpretation of 多利.

After 2 decades of awkwardly being called “dairy”, “dolly”, and “Barry”, Darree became Darrée.

Darrée is pronounced “da-RAY“.

It can be shortened to Rée, which is pronounced “RAY“.

Not sure how to add the accent aigu?

Mac Users: If you press down on your E key long enough, a window with all possible accents will appear. Select the 2nd option.

PC Users: Neither do I. Copy and paste?  é  É